Baghdad Investment Commission Grants an Investment License to Provide 192 Housing Flats in HAYFA STREET

BIC continues granting investment licenses for housing projects to participate in solving housing crisis. Mr. Shaker Al- Zamily, BIC Chairman, said that the board of directors has granted an investment license to a housing project in Hayfa street. By doing so, the number of the granted licenses becomes (44) ones. The share of the housing sector is (11) licenses. This project is considered of high importance due to its location in the province for it lies in a strategic spot in the center of Baghdad , and it also overlooks Tigers.

A Deligation Represents a Group of Iranian Companies is Informed About Investment Opportunities in Baghdad

Mr. Shakir Al- Zamily , BIC chairman , has received a delegation representing a group of Iranian companies that have specifications in different sectors. Al- Zamily has presented a collection of investment opportunities especially in the housing and industrial sectors explaining that the Commission is fully ready to cooperate with the Iranian companies and to present all the facilities needed by the investment projects .

Baghdad Investment Commission Opens the First Investment Project In the Province

With the attendance of Mr. Shaker Aziz. BIC Chairman, and Dr. Mohammed Al- Shimery, Governor deputy, BIC has opened the first investment project in the province. A completed and modern market center, which was implemented by the Iraqi company (Saqer Al-Sharq), has been established.

The Turkish Company Holden Group Visits Baghdad Investment Commission

BIC has received a delegation that presents seven Turkish companies, Holden Group, which is specialized in the field of investment: housing, educational, touristic and technological sectors. These companies have more than 24 branches in the Arabian Gulf countries and Europe as well. Mr.

Baghdad Investment Comission Grants 9 Investing Licenses at a Nominal Value of 642 Million Dollars

BIC has hold today, Thursday 7\1\2010, a meeting of the board of directors. The council discussed the most important issues that concern investment in Baghdad. It has granted 9 investment licenses at an estimated coast that reaches 642 million dollars.

Baghdad Investment Commission Receives a Delegation of a Turkish Company for Building Furniture Factory

Mr. Shaker Aziz Al-Mosway has received a delegation of a Turkish company KARABULUTLAR that is specialized in general trade and reconstructions.Mr.

Promoting the Private Sector; The Chairman of Baghdad Investment Commission Attended the Opening of QASR EL- KHADIMIA Hotel

Mr. Shaker Al- Mosway, BIC chairman , has participated in the opening ceremony of Qasr El- Kadhimia hotel which lies in the holy city of Al-Kadhimia.He expressed his delights to participate in the opening of the hotel as he considered it a step toward construction and progress in Baghdad, and that such luxurious hotels be in the province especially in Al-Kadhimia city which is considered one of the most important touristic cities in Baghdad. The hotel consists of five floors that are constructed in a modern style following the modern hotel- architecture in the neighborhood. Mr.

Baghdad Investment Comission Denies Granting Investment Licenses to Saba'a Eldjale Company for Trade and Transformation of Petrol Production

BIC denies granting licenses to Sabaá El-Dejale company for petrol trade and transformation of petrol productions Ltd., according to its letter No. 677 in 16\11\2009 entitled to all administration unites in center and suburbs of Baghdad as well to spread moving-stations for selling petrol products (gas-benzene). This phenomenon is considered a fake appearance to the technology of Albahara (illegal petrol- products sellers).

Indo-Bahranian Delegation Visits Baghdad Investment Commission

Mr. Shaker Almusawi BIC chairman received today, 4 / 10 / 2009, Indo-Bahrainis delegation who specializes in the investment sectors of electricity and higher education. Mr. Salar M. Ammeen, the national investment commission vice-chairman was attended.

A French Delegation Discusses Investment Opportunities

Mr. Shaker Almusawi received today, 1/10/2009 a delegation represents some of French companies. They are invited by central council of the Iraqi tribes.

A Deligation Represents a Swedish Companies Visits BIC

Mr. Shaker Almusawi BIC chairman received a Swedish delegation including three companies which was (Norlink) , (Jc) and (Taaleq Al emaar).

A Delegation Representing a Group Of Australian Companies Visited BIC

A delegation representing a group of Australian companies today 2/8/2009 visited BIC.

BIC Chairman receives Ising Co. Director

Mr. Shaker A. Shabeeb Almusawi, BIC chairman received on 7 July, 2009 the Turkey company (ising group) director in his office in Baghdad governorate headquarters. The two sides discussed investment cases in Baghdad in all aspects.

Universal Oil Reserve Inc. Visits BIC

Mr. Shaker A. Shabeeb Al-Musawi, BIC chairman received on July, 8 Wednesday 2009 in his office in Baghdad governorate headquarter a delegation represented (Universal Oil Reserve Inc.)that specialized in oil investment.

Russian Delegation of (K.M.K.B) Company Visits BIC

A delegation of Russian company (K.M.K.B), the company specialized in hotels sector, on 12 July visited Baghdad investment commission. The delegation was received by BIC chairman, Mr. Shaker Almusawi who welcomed them. BIC chairman explained the work of the commission and the services that introducing to the investors according to the investment Law no. 13 for 2006 and showing that now is important chance for investors to invest in Baghdad especially after the improvement of the security and issuing investment Law saying "investment Law is guarantee investment policy in Iraq.