Baghdad Investment Commission Grants an Investment License to Provide 192 Housing Flats in HAYFA STREET

BIC continues granting investment licenses for housing projects to participate in solving housing crisis. Mr. Shaker Al- Zamily, BIC Chairman, said that the board of directors has granted an investment license to a housing project in Hayfa street. By doing so, the number of the granted licenses becomes (44) ones. The share of the housing sector is (11) licenses. This project is considered of high importance due to its location in the province for it lies in a strategic spot in the center of Baghdad , and it also overlooks Tigers.

Mr. Al- Zamily said that the compound will consist of three huge buildings (blocks). Each of which is divided into smaller ones (parts). These parts are supplied by two elevators and private stairs, this idea is derived from the adjoining traditional houses. These houses have a specific entrance and each building consists of a number of flats which are partially separated from one another to give to each housing unite the usual privacy. It is the notion of combining the characteristics of separated housing unites and the vertical residing simultaneously. This compound provides 192 flats supplied by all services of water, electricity, gas and communications Mr. Chairman added that The ground floor of each block contains wide spaces to be used for commercial purposes . The heights of the compound will be eight floors, and the estimated coast of the project will be 36 million dollars during two years.