Our Projects

Baghdad Gate Housing Project

Project Description: In the middle of the project, a huge Mall (Shopping Center) is positioned that reaches to 17,000 m2. The basement has been allocated to be a car parking. The male will also contain a Theater and five stars hotel with 25 floors, a Health center, Gym and a building for Commercials designed in modern style and is located on the eastern side of the project, surrounded by a series of towers in different heights between 15, 12 and 8 floors with total area of 450,000 m2.

Al-Rihab Housing Project

Project Description: This project provides 5,000 units with extended networks of roads, water, sanitation and electricity, a shopping mall, four star hotel, sports club and four schools, two of them for the primary level and the other two are for the secondary in addition to the health care where a clinic will be built to serve as a health center.

Haifa Street Housing Project

Project Description: The complex contains three large buildings each building is divided into building smaller (parts) each part served by special elevators and stairs. This idea derives from the adjacent heritage houses and each of which has a private entrance and each building contains a number of apartments that are separated from each other to ensure privacy. The idea is to combine the advantages of separate housing unit, housing the vertical at the same time.

Al-Rafah Housing Project

Project Description: The project consist of (740) apartments with Mall (Shopping Center).

Al-Rafidain Tourist Sanatorium

Project Description: Create a five-stars tourist hotel in Baghdad and in the form of two towers containing 26 floors to be determined based on the results of laboratory tests for soil of the site where the hotel will be constructed and also includes 550 rooms.

Baghdad Modern Marketing Center

Project Description: The establishment of a modern integrated marketing center includes stores for fruits and vegetables, meat, fat and processed food in modern specifications.

Baghdad Media City Project

Project Description: Baghdad Media City Project includes Media Institute with five-star hotel as well as modern studios.

Al-Ataa Housing Project

Project Description: The project consist of (3) housing towers each tower consist of (21) floor, (3) of these floors will be a shopping center.

Al-Mustafa Housing Project

Project Description: The project consist of (420) housing unit.