Baghdad Gate Housing Project

Project Description: In the middle of the project, a huge Mall (Shopping Center) is positioned that reaches to 17,000 m2. The basement has been allocated to be a car parking. The male will also contain a Theater and five stars hotel with 25 floors, a Health center, Gym and a building for Commercials designed in modern style and is located on the eastern side of the project, surrounded by a series of towers in different heights between 15, 12 and 8 floors with total area of 450,000 m2.

Location: Al-Muthana Airport, Baghdad.

Project Objectives: Real Estate development project is an investment that combines the requirements of the life of the housing, employment and various activities.

Estimated Cost: 238 Million US Dollars.

Property Type: Owned by Ministry of Finance.

Implementation time: Three years.

Investor: Al-Amwaj International Company.

Number of housing units: 2500 units.