Al-Rihab Housing Project

Project Description: This project provides 5,000 units with extended networks of roads, water, sanitation and electricity, a shopping mall, four star hotel, sports club and four schools, two of them for the primary level and the other two are for the secondary in addition to the health care where a clinic will be built to serve as a health center.

Location: Al-Shama'eya, Baghdad.

Project Objectives: Is a complete city in terms of housing and services are held over a wide area of open land to accommodate more than twenty thousand people were taken into account the provision of current and future needs of its residents and their visitors.

Estimated Cost: 229 Million US Dollars.

Property Type: Owned by Ministy of Finance.

Implementation time: Three years.

Investor: IRAQ KAN Company.

Number of housing units: 5000 units.